Why You Should Not Use an Amateur Photographer for Your London Wedding

In London, the bride-to-be is the one who usually takes charge in organizing a wedding. Therefore, as you are the lady and everyone should bend to your wish, you may hire a wedding planner who will tell you everything you need to know about organizing a wedding. They should be able to advise you on where to get the best contemporary wedding photographer in London. Make sure you choose the best london wedding photographer for your needs. Your wedding photographer is a very important person in your big day!

wedding-bellsYou will get to choose everything from plates to location, from gowns for the bride’s maids to the flowers that will be on the tables of the guests.

However, the price that comes with this can be pretty high and you will try to consider cutting some services or others, or trading them for something less expensive.

One of those services is represented by hiring a professional photographer, which should never ever happen, no matter the costs. There are different photographers, with different prices, so look for a cheaper one that fits your budget, but make sure he or she is a professional and not an amateur photographer.

4a388254-27169Here are some reasons why you should not hire an amateur photographer for your wedding.

You’ll Regret It

There is a huge difference between a professional and an amateur photographer. With the second one, there will be no clear photos, no great moments, no smiles and laughs, nothing that counted for you. You will have only blurry shots, nothing concrete, awful pictures and some money spent on something useless. To avoid a serious heartbreak, make sure you get the right services for this moment, as a professional photographer will surely know how to accentuate every beautiful detail of your wedding.

They Don’t Take It Seriously

Just imagine – if someone asked you to go to their wedding and take some photos, what would you do? You would simply take a camera (anyone’s camera) and go with the flow. Well, this is what happens with an amateur photographer – they have neither the experience nor the patience to follow the moments that need to be captured. The camera might not work; they might run out of batteries, the filming of the event will be poorly done and so on.

A professional photographer will have pro equipment that costs plenty of money, but they will also have special training, which cannot be found anywhere else. Apart from this, the experience is what recommends a professional instead of an amateur.

They Don’t Have Experience

As was stated before, this is one of the things that amateur photographers don’t have. You might meet one or two really talented photographers who do this out of passion, but a professional has both the studying and the experience in the professional background. You’ll surely be pleased to see that your photos were perfect and all the important moments were captured. However, hiring an amateur will prevent you from enjoying the photos of your most important day.

They Don’t Have a Plan B

Yes, Plan B is just in case Plan A doesn’t work. This is the standard procedure for a professional The-Dorchester-London-Wedding-Photographer-041wedding photographer – to take a backup team. Accidents can happen, and an amateur won’t know how to cover any inconvenience that can arise or different problems. A professional however, can afford to have a backup team that can make the same perfect photos and he or she will be able to deal with no matter what happens on the way.

It’s advised to consider carefully what is important to you – to have expensive flowers at the reception, or to have beautiful pictures that will last a lifetime? However, everything is up to you, but don’t be amazed on the results you get if you hire an amateur photographer for your wedding, as that is the most important day in your life.